What is the difference between “Add to Cart” and “Subscription” option?

If you use “Add to Cart”, you will be charged for one-time. The product(s) will be delivered to you for one-time.

On the other hand, if you subscribe to a product, you will be charged for a certain number of weeks/months (Depending on the option you selected) automatically and the product(s) will be delivered to you on every weeks/months (Depending on the option you selected) until it expires or you cancel it.

In other words, “Add to cart” is a one-time payment option and “Subscription is a recurring billing option”

What are the benefits of “Subscription”?

The main benefit is that it will make your links/profiles/pages/videos look very natural and very popular to your visitors.

Just Imagine, what potential clients will think if they find that a Twitter profile which gets 10,000 new followers in just 3 days and then stopped getting new followers? People will think that the company might be popular in a few days back, but now not so much popular as it was before!!!! Thus, they may start searching for competitor’s products..

This is no longer a secret that social media presence is a very strong factor which influence customer’s buying.

Can I cancel the subscription anytime?


How to cancel the subscription if I select “Subscribe until cancellation”?

Send us a message from your order details page under “Order history” at client’s end. Your subscription will be cancelled within next 24 hours.