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What is content writing?

Now that you are here and eager to learn we will give you the opportunity to do just that. Here you will learn “what is content writing?” and what you need to do to be considered a content writer.

The Difference

First off let’s make a difference between blog writing and content writing, this will help you understand things better. Content is used for corporate/e-commerce websites which deal with direct sale. The main difference between "Blog" and "Content" is that the blog sells information and corporate/e-commerce website content sells products.

The Answer

So what is content writing? Is it writing about your job? Is it writing about your skills? Is it just plain old writing? The answer is partially yes, because it’s not fully what you write about, it’s about the things you write in the selected topic. What do I mean by this?

Well think of it this way, you want to sell a product and that product is related to basketball, to make it even more clear let’s say that the product is an actual basketball. Now given that your job is to sell that basketball, will the article be about sports in general, or about basketball?

If you chose basketball you are one step closer to selling it. Now will the article that you make be about the NBA, and out of the blues you go in and mention “Hey here’s a great basketball you can buy”? The smart thing to do here is to make the article into a pitch. To do that you will start writing about how the basketball that you are selling is statistically more used and better than the other ones out there. How it is more beneficial to use your basketball. Of course you are not going to lie about it, but you are going to exaggerate some things.

This brings us back to the first paragraph of this article, that content writing is where you write content on your website in order to sell a given product.

What you can do

You might be thinking now, and say that you are not that talented to make “killer” article that will make people buy your product. The good thing is that we are in the future and there are a lot of talented people that are waiting to be given the chance to do just that.

It is a lot smarter thing to do. You will pay a small price, for an article that can bring you a bigger income. There is not to worry about finding them. It is fairly easy to find content writers like this, and most of them with good ratings will show up on the surface.

So what do you need to do to be considered a content writer? As it is explained, you need to have the ability to make good content that will spark a need in the reader to buy your product. It takes time to get good, and a smart thing to do is to model some already successful writers. As it is said it’s easy to find them.    

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